About Us

Dads 4 Lads was created for All Adult Gay Men into Role Play and for those looking for a relationship with an older or younger man. Whether your older or younger, our goal here is to help you connect with other men that are looking for the same things you are. Dads 4 Lads is another site created under the MAN UPP brand.

The idea for MAN-UPP came about a few years ago as I was being forced “out". My life, as I knew it then, was changed forever. I moved from a southern town in Alabama to Denver, CO and started over at the age of 40 because my family could not accept the truth. They wanted to get me "help." They tried to convince me I was "confused." I knew very clearly my life would never be the same and a huge weight had been lifted. I do regret how it all came about because I would have liked to have told them differently than writing letters and leaving town, but in the moment it seemed the best way. I was finally coming to terms with being gay and learning how to become proud, not ashamed, as a gay man. During those first few weeks of moving I was reminded of 2 words my Dad and Grandfather spoke very often when I was growing up…”man up.” They would say those words to me whenever they felt I needed to be reminded to be stronger or "tougher" in whatever I was struggling with. I know it was a saying my Grandfather most likely picked up from his fellow marines when he was enlisted and fought in World War II. His words passed on to my Dad and myself helped me get through some incredibly tough moments then. ​As I began thinking about the idea of MAN UPP I knew I wanted to create web sites and events that would connect others and ultimately encourage everyone to be themselves. No one should live in fear of being the man or woman they were born to be. That is what MAN UPP is about. Thank You for stopping by.